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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Reflection on Micro-teaching done at Samtse College of Education on 7 January 2014

(PgDHE candidates with tutor KC Jose; me behind sir Jose grinning)
I have enrolled for Postgraduate Diploma in Higher Education (PgDHE) with Samtse College of Education. This program was introduced for the first time especially for university teachers/lecturers. And the following is one of the tasks that we are assigned.    

Reflection on Micro-teaching done at Samtse College of Education on 7 January 2014

Today, I have done Micro-teaching (in the morning session: 9:00-10:00 am) on “Essay and Report: Differences and similarities” as a part of EDU505 [Introduction to University Learning and Teaching] module assessment. The lesson plan was prepared for 6 minutes and my teaching was observed by Mrs. Ugyen Pem (facilitator) and Mr. Kelzang Dorji (Lecturer of Sherubtse College). 
I began by greeting my students (who are actually all participants) and introducing the lesson topic. I could read from the faces that the students and observers were curious on my teaching. It encouraged me even more. To begin the actual teaching I asked students what they understood by the words ‘report’ and ‘essay’ where my students provided me with their views and opinions. And I just needed to add and explain more on their points.
After that, I talked on the features of both essay and report; having done that, I tried to once again get their understanding of the concepts by asking them to bring out some similarities and differences between the two (essay and report). The students were very active and were all ready to participate. That was interesting. Also, I feel that my teaching was convincing; was very audible and could provide clear instructions to my students.
But, despite my preparation, the teaching did not go as planned. I had to stop incomplete as the time duration allotted was insufficient. I am now aware that my conclusion was not good. I received feedback and suggestions on my micro-teaching based on the observation made by my two observers. As a way forward commitment, I am determined to change my teaching methods by incorporating at least three strategies: PowerPoint presentation; provide students with handouts for class activity; and question answer session. 

My Reflection on Second Presentation
On 9 Jan I did second micro-teaching on “Approaching& Understanding Written Assignment” under the guidance of the module (EDU505) facilitator. My teaching was observed by Mrs. Ugyen Pem (facilitator) and Drungsto Sherab Dorji (Lecturer of National Institute of Traditional Medicine”. 

I greeted my class and introduced the lesson plan through PowerPoint slide. After that I talked a little about the importance of understanding the assignment questions and answering rightly as per the requirements and demands of the question. I then asked if any of them had any technique to diagnose questions. My students gave their views but BUG method seemed unfamiliar. However, I demonstrated how to use that technique with example question. 

To assess students’ understanding, I distributed a sample question and asked students to identify BUG (Box, Underline, & Glance Back) words. Students answered right. This only indicated that my students have understood the concept well.  

Comparatively, my second demo-teaching was good. I incorporated three strategies: power point presentation, distribution of handouts for class work and question-answer session. This was based on the recommendation made by my observers during previous presentation (micro-teaching). I also managed my allotted time quite well. I took a little more than six minutes to conclude my lesson.  

Written by Karma Yezer for EDU505 module facilitator Mrs. Ugyen Pem

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