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Friday, 3 May 2013

The Day and the Way Forward

*"The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little...Extra (????).". Well, this is what I would gulp and think upon with every morning tea. Thanks to all the students for their May-2-Gift for us. Even if it might be too early to claim myself a teacher, I sincerely believed in the gesture and respect shown to us  considering the  profession and the image and the role model already created by the senior colleagues. And this write up however insignificant may be, is to acknowledge (on behalf of all concerned teachers) Gaeddu College students for showing whatever little regards they have for their teachers. 'Teachers' Day' in deed was encouraging.

I joined teaching profession and it was not at all by chance; it was totally out of choice. Even as a High school student, I would feel that being NFE  instructor would be more than achievement (for me). But just because of the fact that I could score more than 81% in class-X examinations made me a little more ambitious, yet I had a thought that I would be satisfied even if I could get admission to any of the two teacher training colleges after twelve. It still did not happen; I had the opportunity to pursue higher education and I completed just in right time to finally accomplish my ambition and be what I always wanted. Thus, after writing Civil Service Common Examinations in 2009, I decided to be a teacher in spite of securing a seat to pursue law. This is my story (believe it or not..lol). Now, what alarms me is the expectations my relatives, friends, colleagues and students have from me. I received at least thirty one messages from well wishers through mobile prior to the "Teachers' Day". Some of the concerning words and phrases include: "Let your student flourish in life", "May you become the inspiration of today and the dream of tomorrow", "May you re-dedicate the noble gift of your teachers to thousands of your students", " May you be a teacher with full heart", "Thank you for being my teacher". 

The truth is, I am just one teacher-in-the-making. Whatever the case is, those messages made me reflect upon the necessary qualities a teacher should have. Yes! I can see the wider scope that I can be a real inspiration; it must be challenging yet it should be happen (able). Some years down the line, I MUST BE A REAL TEACHER.

Note: This is not edited (=first draft). Sorry if this article has errors!!!

"The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little...Extra". This is printed on a surface of the Mug we were presented as gift.


  1. Very well written Karma! I am sure you will go way beyond your student's expectations.

  2. Thank You Sir. I shall strive to be a good teacher.