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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Intercollege Debate Competition commemorating the Sgerig Century

On 23 May 2012 (Wednesday), Inter-College Debate Competition was held at Gaeddu College of Business Studies to celebrate "Sherig Centenary". Four colleges under Royal University of Bhutan participated in the event.

The debate session began with participants debating on the corporal punishment issue,  in national language. Royal Thimphu College and College of Science and Technology opposed Samtse college and Gaeddu Collge stating that "corporal punishment " is not very necessary to discipline our youth/students. For English debate, Samtse College of Education and Royal Thimphu College stated points supporting the statement that the rupee shortage is due to the inefficiency and ineffectiveness in the regulation system of the government while Gaeddu College of Business Studies and College of Science and Technology argued their points.

(a participant stating the points)

The judges included senior teachers from the High school (Gedu Higher  Secondary School) and media (Kuensel and Bhutan Times). At the end, Gaeddu and College of Science and Technology stood the winner for English, while Samtse and Gaeddu were declared winner for Dzongkha Debate. And the best debater for both English and Dzongkha were begged by the participants of Gaeddu College

(The Director, Mr. Lhato Jamba offering College memento to the Chief Guest)
(The Faculty Representatives of SCE & GCBS receiving Trophy for the "Best Team" from the Chief Guest )

The following is the Welcome Speech (I presented before the actual debate begun):

(Dasho Sonam Kinga speaking after the debate)
Hon’ble Dasho Sonam Kuenga, Vice Chaiman, National Council, Honble Dasho Tshewang Jurmey, member of the National Council,  Director, Deans, distinguished guests, representatives from media, members of the faculty and the students:
Very warm welcome to the Inter-College Debate Competition.

It is indeed a matter of privilege for Gaeddu College of Business Studies to host the Inter College Debate Competition to commemorate the “Hundred Years of Education in Bhutan”, in other words, to Celebrate “SHERIG CENTENARY”. Besides this, the objective behind organizing this activity is to bring different colleges under the Royal University of Bhutan closer and enhance the cooperation among the colleges and to give students a platform to participate in meaningful academic activity.

Minister of Education, Lynpo Thakhur Singh Powdel mentioned during the Second Conference on Gross National Happiness at St. Francis Zavier University, Canada in 2005 that,
“…a university is the expression of the needs of a community, a society or a nation, devoted to the fashioning of its intellect. As an institution of higher education, a university is dedicated to the pursuit and propagation of knowledge, to the study and clarification of values, and to the advancement of interests of the society and the nation at large

The Article 2 of (The Wheel of Academic Law) under: The objectives of the university states that:
The overall objective of the university shall be to provide, through the dissemination of knowledge and the advancement of learning and the granting of awards, for the economic and cultural development of the Kingdom of Bhutan and to promote the cultural enrichment, personal development and the wellbeing of our people.”

It is so hoped that, through this kind of public discourse, we as a member of the university would at least help realise some of the actual objectives that the university as an institution of higher learning has. Thus we kept the theme: “Transforming Higher Education through Reasoned Public Discourse.” 
In brief, we also expect that this kind of activities would help our students gain general academic skills like: Critical reasoning; analysis; evaluation; the handling of evidence; the identification of problems and their solution; conceptualization; synthesis and creativity.

Just Before I conclude, I on behalf of Whole Gaeddu Collge family would like to once again welcome all our guests to this Inter College Debate Competition.


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