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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Message in the devine prophecy

One fine day, on the 10th day of the 6th month in Tiger year, it is believed that the Guru Ugyen Padma Jungjey  had sent message from the south-western land of Demons to Tibet. You must have heard, and even read that message.

Well I got the message electronically. I don't remember exactly when but I saved it because I found it interesting and true at times; I suppose I had e-mail, chain-letter they say, asking me to forward to other as many as I could. And the warning, if i didn't. I hardly believed; I did nothing to have merit (=there was mention that if I did what I was asked, I would get merit). Lol...Why should have I trusted that not-so genuine message?. At least, I inquired some people if that could be really genuine, and nobody knew to be exact. But, I confirmed myself that it indeed was genuine: I saw the same message written on the rock in Paro. You can see the same message on one of the rocks, just a kilometer left from Paro College of Education to Paro dzong (bypass road,).

The following are the first few lines from the Guru's message (translated into English):

"By the power of blessing of all Buddhas
When there is peace just for a moment now
All lamas and incarnations (will) go for fame and popularity
Living (wandering) in villages, they deceive sentient being (People)
With adroit talk trick and deceptive ideas they (will) take upon other‘s
possession (wealth/property)
Instead of using wealth (collection) for dharmic cause, they (will)
cling to it with attachment
Monks will indulge in singing songs and dancing rather than
chanting prayers
Rather than engaging in virtuous acts of generosity (given alms to needy)
they will wool for ways to snatch other's wealth
Their behaviour (conduct) and costume (will) change to be that of
anti-Buddhist ( Countries of Ja and Hor)...."

Now are you shocked?
Whatever, these lines of prophecy seem to be making sense. Agreed?
Time seems to be changing, but we are again already reminded that, actually people change, the mind, behaviour and intention of people change. However, we can not, in any way generalise that every Lama or Truelku does for popularity and fame through deceit-may be we are too harsh sometimes to say, or even think that we are being deceived. Saints like Drukpa Kuenley in fifteen-sixteen century had appeared in most unusual way yet with one intention: to help liberate sentient beings. Even Drupthobs ( Maha sidhas) are said to live their own way, not conventionalised way of life.

These days, we encounter many Truelkus and Lamas with various characteristics-some very descent, some not so descent. We still pretend to have faith, devotion and trust. In other words, we have "HOPE" to be liberated. As a common, lay Buddhist we are incapable of identifying genuineness in lama/Truelkus we come across. But the good thing is, this shows our strong believe in "Koenchog sum" and desire to be a good human being. That is one reason why we are so interested in religious discourses, teachings and Lamas.

But the fact is, we might become divided-self. And this could be even very dangerous-worst of all. I mean, in the course of following religion, we could become anti-religious. Let's say: a Truelku has an extra-marital affairs, goes to karaoke, impersonate, steal what is not being offered, drinks too much,plays snooker, injects drugs and smokes. So, can we still keep our faith in him/them ? Can we still believe in religion, when the missionaries ( who are suppose to be propagating the genuineness of the religion) fail themselves to convince us?. The answer could be both: YES and No.

YES: because there are some examples who have shown odd behavior and they were still genuine bodhisatva like Drukpa Kuenley as mentioned earlier . And there is also a believe that whatever negatives they have are all due to our accumulated demerit-if we question or even think against them would only add to the demerit we already have. So, we are some how forced/obliged to have faith.

NO: because, anyone who does odd things cannot be capable of being pure, meaning there is every chance that we could be fooled by some stupids. We also have believed set of norms on how real, genuine, bona fide Truelkus/Bodhisattva/lamas portray normally. We expect them to be descent. So, the odd behavior could only breed doubts for us. 

Thus "Self-divided" we become when we can't stand on either fence. This is how we might loss our faith in lamas/Truelkus and finally even the religion; this is how we continue to live in ignorance in the ignorant world.

You might visit this link, if in case you have time.

PS: 1. This is not edited. Forgive me, if this article has any loopholes.
      2. I have no intention to hurt anyone. You might take it simply generally.
      3. Don't understand me otherwise-I am neither nihilistic nor atheist. I still have religion.


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