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Monday, 2 April 2012

Bagdora trip

I have been to Bagdogra for several times. Each time I go there, I go with one purpose: To receive and pick up guest  professors there from (airport).

Last Saturday (31 March, 2012): I with the college driver started our journey from Gedu at around 5: 30 in the morning without even breakfast in our stomachs. No one seemed to be awake except a few college students who we came across our way jogging. It was completely peaceful. And as we travel, the morning started to cease; the Jaigaon business men were busy opening their items for the day; Rickshawalas, beggars and everybody seemed readying for their day's labour.

By the time we reached Birpara, we have already listened same songs two/three times-I started to feel monotonous. So I decided to take a short nap on the backseat of the car, of course with due permission from my friend, Anil who was driving the car. Despite the unbalanced, rough highway road, I felt asleep ( the fact is, I haven't gone for bed so early the previoust night; my friends and I were happy with IELTS result which was declared that evening-and followed a little celebration). When I opened my eyes, I realised that it was time for breakfast. We parked the car near LAMA restaurant and had breakfast there. Begun the journey to wards Bagdogra.

It was exactly 7: 00 PM when we were back to Phuentsholing . We waited for some minutes in the office of immigration department processing entry permit for Delhi University professor and his wife. We were done with it and I took them (Professor and his wife) to Peljoling Hotel for some refreshment.

 And the moment we begin to start for Gedu, we found something wrong. OH-MY-GOD!!! one tyre of the car was punctured. Had to unload the luggage and fix it in the middle of the town. It in deed was great experience.

It was nearly 10:30 PM when we finally reached Gedu.

PS: I have even more interesting experience from my first journey to Bagdogra. I was suppose to drop IIM professors till Bagdogra airport. On our way to Phuentsholing, we encountered road blockage. Had to send the car back from there. And interestingly, the professors had to catch the flight in time. Alternatives???Finally, we decided to call "Biney Travel" agent to send one taxi till the block point. HUHHHHHH....the taxi came, we boarded it and reached airport just in time.

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