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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

The Worthwhile Lesson

That was the great lesson. Lesson through demonstration.

"Once upon a time, Paa chu river was very clean....." She began narrating. (Well, she has come all the way from USA to see how Bhutan can turn the concept of GNH into reality, at least in the long run). And in a while, a participant came forward to help put leaves and flowers into a blue bucket which contained clean water as she(narrator) continued the story. Sighing said she "This is Pachhu during those days". She let every workshop participant stare the water inside the bucket. We could even see our own face on the water surface through those flowers and leaves-a little exaggeration here.

The story continued; some more participants came forward one by one with different ingredients. 

By the time story ended, the colour of the water was completely different from what it was at the beginning: clean, transparent liquid has finally changed over to simply murky substance. Now, it was nothing more than mixture of wastes from engines, construction sites...and you name it all. That was in deed perfect allegory, perfect lesson for GNH country which considers environment conservation as one of the important values/aspects. In Bhutan, do we really consider "Use me" dustbins?. If we do, there is no reason to see plastic covers/wrappers laying just besides dustbins to the mercy of blowing wind. Do we even heed the board saying "Washing cars prohibited along this  river side"? Instead we see increasing wastes, converting to real murky situation. You agree me? And perhaps you may be one of us contributing to the effect.

After the demonstration, that professor from NAROPA university posed the question: What would be the consequences? Who suffers?. After a short while, one participant stood up to say, " it all goes to India", with a sense of humor though. Interesting! isn't it? But the fact is we buy Indian FISH for our curry.

So, that was the unforgettable lesson I have ever learned from that two-week workshop. Let Contemplative education, mindfulness, Gross National Happiness, holistic education system, Participatory Action Research, meditation, Research Team, Coaching groups, Focus Groupsbla, bla bla be in my head, but I will not forget the "Paa Chu" story. You don't forget too!!!

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

My brief reflections

Excuse me! I am sorry for not being able to update my blog.

Well!, I have had a little busy beginning this year. I was asked to involve in Post Graduate Diploma In English (PGDE) programme at Sherubtse College, Knaglung from 1 January to 1 February, 2012-Winter vacation. I was more than happy to accept the offer; I thought to myself that, it could be really an exciting and experiencing moment . And It in deed was!!!.

I spent most of my winter days at Kanglung. While there, I learned more about "non-fiction prose" than I taught to those in-service-PG students. Oh!!! Let me bring you an interesting fact here: (my)students were all far better than their tutor, experience wise at least. They have joined the service much, much earlier than I did. Any way, the fact that I have honors degree in English put me to that position. I did my part. They did theirs. At the end of the month, it was all fair.

But even after those hectic days, I had yet another busy moments at my village home. I have been there for the first time since I got my job. You imagine how that could have been. It is customary in our village that whenever someone revisits their places after sometime, neighbor brethren come to see the person. They bring with them some local products: cheese, butter etc. Not the least, bottles of ara, locally brewed wine. In return, it is always expected that they be compensated with some amount of cash, and gifts (if someone is  close relatives). I was not exceptional-same applied to me too. Only then, I realised the complications associated with our custom. It is good. And it is too bothering as well at times. Please Excuse me for what I just said ! Stayed for some days anyway.

 By then, it was almost time to return to where I belong-My work place. Yes, I reached at Gedu just in time. Everything went well: We thus begun our new academic session. But as the sessions started to begin, I was sent for GNH consistent pedagogy workshop at Paro college of Education.

The workshop was for two weeks: 15-29 February. Too long.

I would continue latter............