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Saturday, 3 December 2011

I shift anyway

1 December, 2011(Thursday): Today is yet another day, a little more than my any other ordinary days. It is the first day of the last month of the year, and I have small business today.

I am supposed to relocate my home to another quarter, from E-2A to E-4B. I am already issued office-order (as requested) from the administration office two days back.I browsed zakar colunm on BBS website yesterday and found Thursday and Friday to be good days for shifting house. My initial thought to shift during weekends was just not okay: Weekends did not seem good days to shift house.

I wake up early this morning. I have morning appointment-with someone familiar with religious consecration . Too early, 7 a.m it is, and no sign of any activity yet from my neighbor households. At this hour, initiation ceremony is going on inside my to-be-next home. Don't expect it to be grand-It is just small way of cleansing bad spirits(in case any here) when I enter for the first time as resident. This is done, and I go back to my old home quarter and prepare for the day: My friends are yet to come. By 11 a.m I should be able to begin shifting. Tring........the door bell rings.
"Morning, Karma sir,..busy morning?"
And I reply (wondering inside why he is here at this time of morning) " Morning sir, I am packing my luggage-I am shifting from this quarter to another at 11 today...". But just before I complete my sentence, his cell phone rings, and after a few seconds he handovers his phone saying " Mr Ghomes wants to talk to you". Surprised, I start to talk to him: "... Oh...I am unaware of this. I didn't know that. How can I do this ad hoc? And I have some important business today." But he made me feel easy. He says, "...Didn't Kalpak inform you of that yesterday?..anyway, it is easy, you come and meet me at 10."  By then, I found a paper containing orientation schedule for new Finance officers of Royal University of Bhutan that Mr Kalpak had kept at my door last night because I wasn't there. Oh heck!  This is big TENSION! And I question: How can I shift by 11? After intense thought, I decide to shift during evening. So, I Inform all my friends of the decision.

I meet professor Ghomes and he gives some ideas. Then, I begin thinking of Mrs.Burkha Dutt of NDTV and Mr Dawa of BBS; and their particular trait of moderating TV programmes . And finally the second session of the first day of "new Finance officers' orientation" has come. This is  "panel discussion session: Finance officers-Dilemmas and issues to be overcome", and I am assigned to act as a moderator. The session ends exactly after 75 minutes.
Although I might not have been another Burkha Dutt, Dawa, Stephen Sackur or someone like them, I am satisfied at the end thinking that I did something. That's all my role today. The rest of the sessions are to be taken care of by concerned stakeholders and organiser.

I go back home. It is 2:30 pm and some of my friends have come. They help me reach my luggage to my new quarter. We have a dinner at my new home. Dinner at bachelor's house without drinks would be incomplete. But I suppose we have complete dinner though, even without a separate curry for vegetarian friends.


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