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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Honourable Sherig Lyonpo visits Gaeddu College

Hon’ble Education Minister Lyonpo Thakhur Singh Powdyel visited Gadeddu Collge of Business Studies on 5 November, 2010. 

He met with the faculty and students and spoke on the importance of vibrant democracy and the need to make sure it becomes viable institution. Lyonpo explained how society without hope, nation without hope and people without hope cannot sustain peace and prosperity. “Only viable democracy serves its people with greater interest”, he added.  

He attributed the present well being and tranquility to our monarchs who have worked tirelessly in the unification and consolidation of the country. He reiterated how every citizen can be responsible in building democracy viable when it has been gifted with confidence to the people from the throne.

Lyonpo also spoke of the ministry’s initiative: “Educating for GNH” as mother of all reforms. Talking on this reform, he mentioned the strategy that could make Bhutan green, where green can mean anything that supports and sustains life. He said that introduction of 8 elements of ‘green school’ is aimed at improving the quality of education and not limited just to the schools but can be equally adopted by the colleges of any GNH University.

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