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Saturday, 25 June 2011

We are fated sometime

for certainly something aren't under our control.

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But some people say:  "I don't believe in fate'". They simply don't believe in it. Well, it is their take, whatever. Anyone who is against fate believes that he/she is completely responsible, meaning he/she alone creates his/her own destiny. I am into both: I can make my own choices to some extent but certain things can happen against my wish. Reasons can be beyond explanation. And I call this- "fate".

On the night of April 14, 1912, The Titanic (Ship once believed to be safest) struck an iceberg and consequently claimed more than one-thousand five hundred lives. The ship carried just 20 lifeboats in case if it had to rescue survivors of other sinking ships. Those boats were never meant for its own passengers because the ship was constructed "unsinkable" and no passenger was supposed to have needed them. It just happened otherwise . Construction of the ship must have had involved excellent engineering. Then why it sunk?. Now, those who completely  reject the fate may say: " The ship was excellent. Every system in it was foolproof. But the 'iceberg' made it fall". If this is the case, I would say that they are actually believing in fate. Only thing is that they are not able to comprehend the coincidental appearance of iceberg as fate. This is it.

Talking about that incident again, the liner Carpathia could rescue only 705 of the shipwreck victims. Where were others?. All died. Now, lets imagine: Of all those souls, how many of them probably might have welcomed 'death'?. Nobody else could have loved to die then. But only few, say lucky few survived. Many died, some saved. To me, this defines what we say fate.

And at times, I have a feeling that "Luck" and "Fate" go together, hand in hand: ill luck sometimes could mean one's destiny has already been fated,"predestined" in other word. How? Well, let me give simple example. Imagine that this evening you are suddenly met with an accident and you are in critical state. You have an examination tomorrow and the rules say you are by any means required to sit for it to pass through. So, you fail despite your ability and intelligence because you could not sit for the exam due to undeniable incident . We say "ill luck" for such happenings. This is fate too.

I also believe in "free will", no less. Free Will is the ability to do what you want and be what you always wanted to be. Example: I want to become a successful business man. I have this desire. So to this end, I can plan, research and do every possible aspects. If I want to be an excellent restaurateur, I can be. But certain things are simply predestined. Thus, whenever someone asks me whether I believe in "fate" or "free will", I always say: I am 50-50. I believe in free will. I believe in fate. I believe both.

Thus Nelson Mandela's saying: " I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my ship" always interests me. While I might not necessarily believe the first statement, I agree with the second. So, we are the captain of our ship too; we can drive it our way as long  as a sudden dreadful iceberg does not come and hit, and make our ship sink.

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  1. Nice one Yedzer...I am also in 50-50 category.Lets put our hard work and leave it to fate to decide :)

  2. Thank You Anu. That's the exact point I really wanted to put: Lets put our hard-work and leave it to fate to decide.

  3. Karma Yezer, a really nice post bro. Enjoyed reading it. And by the way, I am on your side. I can't say i don't believe in fate because as you say, some things are out of control and something happen against our wish and aim and effort. A very thoughtful post bro. Keep posting!!! :)

  4. Thanks Langa. Thanks for visiting my blog. And I suppose we share similar feeling on "fate"...cheers!!!

  5. You are welcome and by the way I love your way of writing. Yeah, we share similar feelings on fate really. Do keep writing bro.! Cheers! :)

  6. Nice One Boss...but i dont believe Fate.

  7. m actually inspired by Mr.Nelson too.However, in some cases we cant deny our fate, it does control our life.Now i'm learning how to accept whatever may be my fate in peaceful manner,......

  8. @Tshewang: I know you believe in "fate" but it is also important to understand that we can decide certain things.