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Thursday, 30 June 2011

The Nangkorians

                         (XI Science,Class of 2004: Nangkor Hihger Secondary School)
  • From the right(sitting) are: Ugyen Tenzin(Nangs), Kuenchap, Thama, Pema Wangchuk, Karma Jamtsho, Pema(Raza), Kinga and Phuntsho Namgyal.
  • Sitting from right (second row): Karma Yedzer (me), Thukten,Mitshe Wangdi, Tsheltrim Zangmo, Lopen Kesang, Madam Aruna Pradhan, Karma Yangzom, Ugyen Thinley, Kinley(Marinsa),Rinchen wangdi,Jigme. 
  • Standing from right (Second row): Lobzang, Ugyen Chophel, Sonam, Sonam Tshering, Thinley Choden, Wangchu Nima, Loday, Choezang, Karma (Bonx), Rinchen, Pema Tendar.  
  • Standing from right (Third row): Sonam Dendup(Para), Choki Gyeltshen, Phuntsho Tashi,Tandin Wangchuk, Kinley Wangdi, Thinley Norbu, Jamyang, Tashi, Kinley(Motey), Pema Wangdi, Ishan, Tshewang Dendup, Rigpa Yeshi, Jigme Tenzin and Choki Wangdi.

Who are these?. Well, these are now Engineers, Teachers, Officers and a few still doing MBBS. Today, You can see these faces in various sectors serving the TSA-WA-SUM wholeheartedly.

They were once innocent and ignorant but these qualities added colours to their 'student-life'. As a young high school students, many things had happened, good and bad. Now, reminiscing all those could make one nostalgic: I can still remember how some of my friends went out during nights to get cucumbers and oranges, which otherwise was illegal, and stored in a trunk for the other day. It's funny now but this is interesting because that has actually happened despite many risks and curses (of poor farmers) involved. Whatsoever, it just happened out of sheer innocence. I bet, now they are really changed.

When our Chemistry teacher, Mr Davis retired from the school, it was a big blow for us. We were left with no subject (chemistry) teacher. That was in Class XII,2005. Despite we were guided by one of the B.Ed teachers, who was also new to the profession, we decided to get help during weekends from a teacher from another High School. Walking all the way to Pemagatshel High School was interestingly tiresome but every time we were back, it was with new idea. We Thank Mr. Srivastav for sharing his knowledge.

The most interesting part used to happen during meal times. Now, to be frank, I feel that we were bit snobbish. I can easily realise today how much our school captains and Councillors had tough time scolding and persuading us to get into the dining room. We were always the last to enter the hall, altogether in group. WOW!!! it was fun but sometimes at the cost of others. Any inconvenience caused was all due to our innocence. But some inconveniences were deliberate, when something was wrong somewhere. That was an act of a rightful citizen indeed.

But at the end of the day, it would all be fine and fair: Our teachers were undeniably wonderful and caring. And Nangkor is such an Alma Mater that has shaped our lives. It was not surprising when Ministry of Education declared it as one of the TOP-TEN high schools this year. She deserves the name. And I AM really proud of my Alma Mater. Don;t you feel the same, my fellow Nangkorians?

 .PS: I haven't included many of the interesting parts.

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  1. Hello Yedzer,
    Thank you for sharing your experiences back at the Nangkor school. The culture of stealing cucumber and oranges still is preserved, very bad.:p Yeah, captains and counselors do really have a tough time bro. I know this as I was one during my time. Teachers would command us and students wouldn't listen to us. In a way we were like suffocating between them. By the way, I know one school captain, whom it seems you troubled. You and Gyalpo were batch mates, right? He was in the same university where I am studying now. you might have known, but for your information he completed his course last semester.
    s you rightly mentioned, yeah, we do really feel proud of Nangkor to be among the top ten schools in both the middle secondary and higher secondary categories. and sadly, the teacher standing with you in the photo is no more. You must have known though. He passed away last year bro. :(
    Enjoyed reading. Keep posting!

  2. Hi Langa.
    I heard about you a lot. You were the topper in Arts from Nangkor during your time. Rite?...Good to hear that You did it. And yea, I know Gyalpo. He was Third overall in Bhutan as well in his time. You guys really did well. Appreciated.

    And It is sad indeed to hear that lopen Kesang has expired. He was such a teacher who gave us all his wisdom.,,May his soul rest in peace!!!!

  3. You are right bro. Thanks for your appreciation and kind words. Its good to connect with seniors like you here. BTW may I know where you work la.

    I too wish his soul to rest in peace. Though for his prolonged talks and speeches, no one can deny his vastness and depth of wisdom. :)

  4. I am an Assistant Lecturer at Gaeddu College la. Did my BA from Kanglung and joined teaching instead.

  5. It's so sad to hear that Lob Kezang passed away. i didn't know that. May his soul rest in peace!!!

  6. @Karma Yezer, thanks for sharing it bro. Nice to know that. Hope your are having a great time. My wishes...

  7. Hello dear Karma and others
    I read your blog felt sorry for the pathetic situation that you all had after my resignation. As I had briefed you all, had no option. I was told by the then head of school, an alternate arrangement for a new teacher.
    I express my heartfelt thanks for all your feedback and the grant farewell which was excellent than a prepared one flourish very often.thanks a lot
    with a !!!!!!!!!!!!!big!!!!!!!!!!!!SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. @langa: Thank You for your wishes.
    @Davis Joseph: Sir, It was really interesting to be your student. We all enjoyed your teaching. After your departure, to be frank, we had a tough time adjusting with the subject. Anyway, we are indebted to you for your contribution.

  9. Are those person thieves of yesterday? Cool.. I used to steal cucumber every season.

  10. @xpressheart: Yes indeed. They were once very innocent as anybody their age but reminiscing all those is interesting,,haha. Thanks for visiting my blog Xpressheart.