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Sunday, 12 June 2011

The immortal hope

It is after such a long search, she finds peace and solace in the hands of the Almighty, god.

Her day begins early morning; washes her face, makes herself innovative and starts revolving rosary beads. Just before the potent sun shines she will have already cleaned the sanctum (alter room) and filled a line of seven small bowls with pure, clean and clear water.

As the room gets filled with fumes of sandalwood, that smells heaven, she prostrates before the statues and takes a minute for a long breath. She then proceeds to say prayers from the pages of a sacred book with the hope that every sentient being is freed from the world of sufferings. This intention remains from morning until she goes to bed. Now, this is the routine of her life-praying for the whole world.

Delkar always longed for peace; she found her days very dull and there was hardly anyone to comfort her. That happened long time ago. She had a caring mother yet the husband of her mother did what was opposite. After the death of an affectionate father, things had changed. Home became halfway house and its every corner seemed to complain of her unwelcome situation. The moment she saw that tall, dark and stern man, she'd fall into depression because he never made her feel at ease, secure or happy; actually almost every stepfather does this, we believe. As days passed, she would think of an independent life; she dreamed of a life with a husband she would love and affectionate children. She waited.

In her teens, she was the most beautiful among friends her age. Despite many young men around her, she remained indifferent until the day she felt in (love) with fair, handsome and caring man. Norbu then became her guardian, someone who protected and secured her life. And she did not want to miss him anyway for he was the only one who brought back freedom and peace in her mind; she could count the stars and get the moon for his sake. She could do anything. That was her love. They married soon.

By the time summer reared its hot head, Norbu was changed. He spent his days drinking and picking quarrels at night. Delkar would be frightened when her husband began to rant and bang on anything he came across. She was once again dragged into an ocean of misery. Things didn't turn up as expected. That was the point where she started to realise the truth of futile life; she found her life complete absurd as if god was dead. Divorce was not option either-they had children and she had nowhere to go. 

After many Winters, it dawned on Norbu that something had to change, and feeling pity on his innocent wife and children, he decided to remain sober, responsible father and caring husband. The family once again reunited. There was peace and happiness. Norbu became one of the trusted husbands ever. They had a real home then. But that was just the mere play of their fate. Soon Norbu felt his deteriorating health. He was refereed to every fine hospital until sent home to pass his final days. Delkar was constantly by his side and showed every concern and care. Whenever she saw her beloved husband lying in bed helpless, tears started in dread. She had a reason for that. Norbu gazed her with regret and then the final mea cuppa of apology.

One morning, Delkar was absolutely powerless; the last leaf had fallen. She already knew what would happen next . She starred, stared and stared again her suffering husband; she could not bear his agony; she brought him dose of medicine (to let end his breath); she felt bit nervous and relaxed to see Norbu closing his eyes.....closing forever, never to open again. She sighed with relief and murmured, " Norbu, You are now free from blood cancer ....wait for me in Heaven."

Now, that all her children were grown, Delkar decided to become a nun for good reason: to find the peace that never changes

P.S: This story is imaginary.


  1. I feel the pain she felt radiating in your words ...thanks for sharing this beautiful story :)

  2. Thanks Anu. I just wanted to put myself into an innocent woman's place for a while and see the real complication. But this is no true story anyway.

  3. your story portrays the real face of samsara....indeed it facilitate us to refine ourselves. i appreciate your skill....its nice to go through your blog. I present myself as new follower to your network .....keep posting

  4. Thanks Tshewabg. You Guys really inspire me.