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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

The weekend expedition

On Saturday, 30 April, a team of staff from Gaeddu College of Business Studies went to Samtse College of Education. There was no special reason; on Sunday morning, the Gaeddu  Staff played a friendly-football-match with Samtse staff. And Gaeddu won with 4:2 goals. The winning or losing didn't matter; they got to know each-other.
(The participants with red jersey: Samtse college; Yellow jersey: Gaeddu college; and blue jersey: referees-Samtse college students) note: I am the one standing(yellow jersey) behind jersey(Red) No 8 . Ground/Venue: Samtse College football ground

  Post-match: went for swimming & washing (I don't know the river; don't know the name of the place either, Mechitar they said; anyway it was under the long bridge)    

(on our way back to Gedu: everybody looking exhausted and feverish impatiently thinking of DRUK11000; but the sad story is, when we finally arrived there, DRUK11000 did not provide us what we wanted; the only option left was Madhuri Hut  restaurant where we had satisfactory "Machilli baath": rice-with-fish-curry lunch.
note: DRUK11000 is a  restaurant en route (Phuentsholing-Samtse Indian highway)                                                
(courtesy: Tsagay Pankeyson: Don't you find beauty in it? this photo was taken on our  way to Samtse)                                                                                                        


  1. It seems you really had great time :)....Don't know what to comment on last pic. He looks like he doesn't have any worries in Life apart from Quench his hunger. But looked in other way He is alone and no1 wants him :). The last pic attracted me a lot....:)

  2. We had fun Anu.
    And to be frank, I always try to find beauty in what we usually (might) ignore as ugly. I believe in :" Everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it".
    Thanks Anu for visiting my blog. Cheers!!!

  3. You really can see what others can't cheers :)