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Friday, 29 April 2011

When bitter is sweet

Do you like gourd, bitter, bitter-gourd? If you do, it is indication enough that you are aging. 

This is one person's opinion though; not necessary to be true. Well! I have reasons. Last night, I had a wonderful dinner. It was wonderful because I enjoyed having it. And had a trouble too; I had it heavy (too much) that made me feel unusual. In short, I had a bitter-gourd-curry dinner. Marvelous indeed!!!

Had to sleep early that night. Lying on the bed and gazing up the ceiling, it was all back to memory-lane: When I was young as a child, those items which tasted bitter was never an option. Then, my source of happiness rested in chocolates. This is natural-almost every child loves sweets. And I would rather die of Paracetamol than the illness (headache) itself. So, even when suffered from headache, I had to tell my elders (parents/brothers /sisters) that I was suffering from stomach pain, just that I would be given digene (which tastes sweet) instead of paracetamol (which tastes bitter). That's funny to recollect now. Really funny!!!

....to be continued.......

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