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Saturday, 23 April 2011

Through the looking glass

(From Google)
Mirror! mirror! who is the smartest in the world?" i asked. That was how uniquely i began my day today. It was unique; the mirror did not answer i was the smartest.

I gazed and gazed (at myself) until completely enticed. So, i made more closer to the looking glass; stared again, deeply, direct to those two blue eyeballs appearing to be from the screen. And i pointed my finger on the surface of the mirror grinning. Thre it was!!! the similar finger pointing against me; and the clear message through that looking glass was: "Be a little more adventurous. Take risk.And you are the smartest."



  1. the pic...bro..is something that is so awesome....nice post...and agree with you..what matters is how we see ourselves...confident boosting post..shall never forget it..:)

  2. Thanks Sogyal. I got this picture from Google after searching for some time. I think it suits to my article. And I thought of adding some more points to my article, but could not---uhh me Poor lazybones!!!

  3. oye bro... nice article ya... keep updating...