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Friday, 29 April 2011

When bitter is sweet

Do you like gourd, bitter, bitter-gourd? If you do, it is indication enough that you are aging. 

This is one person's opinion though; not necessary to be true. Well! I have reasons. Last night, I had a wonderful dinner. It was wonderful because I enjoyed having it. And had a trouble too; I had it heavy (too much) that made me feel unusual. In short, I had a bitter-gourd-curry dinner. Marvelous indeed!!!

Had to sleep early that night. Lying on the bed and gazing up the ceiling, it was all back to memory-lane: When I was young as a child, those items which tasted bitter was never an option. Then, my source of happiness rested in chocolates. This is natural-almost every child loves sweets. And I would rather die of Paracetamol than the illness (headache) itself. So, even when suffered from headache, I had to tell my elders (parents/brothers /sisters) that I was suffering from stomach pain, just that I would be given digene (which tastes sweet) instead of paracetamol (which tastes bitter). That's funny to recollect now. Really funny!!!

....to be continued.......

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Through the looking glass

(From Google)
Mirror! mirror! who is the smartest in the world?" i asked. That was how uniquely i began my day today. It was unique; the mirror did not answer i was the smartest.

I gazed and gazed (at myself) until completely enticed. So, i made more closer to the looking glass; stared again, deeply, direct to those two blue eyeballs appearing to be from the screen. And i pointed my finger on the surface of the mirror grinning. Thre it was!!! the similar finger pointing against me; and the clear message through that looking glass was: "Be a little more adventurous. Take risk.And you are the smartest."


Thursday, 7 April 2011

The error 651

I was very sick of that error 651. Now you may wonder what error it had been.

Last Saturday morning(around 10:30 AM;2 April) i went to Bhutan Telecom Ltd office. Gedu telecom branch is just a few minutes walk from where i stay. I went to seek so called customer care service, or shall i call this-customer care service?. Well, whatsoever i went to inquire what went wrong with my broadband connection.

"The manager is not around today. Even the technicians are not here. You may come again on Monday with the application. But i am sorry to inform you that we are short of modem these days. You may have to wait for some time to get the replacement", said a woman in the office. "Thank you ma'am. I will be back on Monday" i said. And I left the office.

Monday it was: With the application and the modem (thought to have disrupted within warranty period), i made my presence once again in the office. This time, in the office of the branch manager. He checked the modem, and my modem was fine. It was working. So we knew then, it was not the modem that was disrupted. Went back home. Still i could not get the internet. Tried many times. However i tried,it was the same error notification on my computer screen: encountered error 651. And the complain again.

Finally, on Thursday morning,a technical personnel came to diagonose the error. Could not identify the problems yet. We had tete-a-tete in the meantime until his mobile rang. He had a little conversation in his phone (a person whom he talked to must have been talking from the telecom office). Then he asked me if i had a balance in my broadband account to which i gave positive response. But i said it must have been a few months(a month or two; i didn't remember) since i last paid the monthly telephone bill of Nu. 25. I had no reason to doubt on it because i was already informed in the office that if it is the problem with the telephone bill, i would not get the signal. But all the three signals(of power, ADSL& LAN)were glowing.

After an hour, the technician informed me that i was devoid of the telephone services. Oh, heck!!! we discovered the error 651. "It is working now but please clear your telephone due soon" he said. "Thank you sir, i will do it immediately" i replied when he was leaving. Thus i did not have to get new modem.

Friday, 1 April 2011

My life after three decades

I have lived, lived and grown thus far. And i can see my life, life after thirty years from now;wrinkled and fatigued starting to welcome the death.

I am doom to fade, as anything in this earth.As long as we are made of blood and bones, and by extension,everything irrespective of what substances it is made of,it is impossible to escape the transformation, the process of a natural change. But we have in our hands, to choose what kind of life we want to live on. Some choose to become rich first and earn prestige, others opt knowledge and get respect out of it. And still the world has another kind of people who choose to become powerful and famous, and yet some are famous and respected even if these(respect,power, fame etc.) were not their expectations.

In the name of power, many dirty politics and power hungry animals come and go. From the time of its existence(immemorial), the world has observed many incidences where innocent commons were at the mercy of those so called powerful men. Men do everything for power;some even sell their souls(to the devil) in order to achieve one's objective, no matter how devastatingly unconventional their action may be. But what ever we do, for any reason, there is only one thing in common: consciously or subconsciously, we are all in search of HAPPINESS.

I consider myself young now. And like any other,i am tempted by power, wealth, prestige and other lascivious things . I am no exceptional. But will these temptations still follow me some decades after? If and only if the almighty give me some decades to exist, i should gradually learn to live my life, searching happiness my own way. Wealth, power and prestige, to some extent,can be a means of happiness, but the purpose of life goes beyond. Thus time and experience should teach me how to be fine with wealth, reputation and power thing or still be more than what is fine without.

Sometimes, i really want to grow beyond age. Because,just being old would not necessarily mean we grew. We may be centenarian and perhaps the same old nasty habit may continue. Then it would mean we are still young(have not grown) even after hundred years of existence in this never-constant world. I want to grow tall-some years after, i should have grown really old: with wise wisdom in every gray hair(of my head); experience in every wrinkle(of my body); extra vitality in my frail bones; and my thick, very thick spectacles residing on top of the my complaining nose should help me see the clear view of this wonderful world.

note: this is a random write-up without coherence.