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Thursday, 3 March 2011

Of my passion: reading and writing

Reading is my passion. And i simply love writing, no less.

Sometimes, I think my passion for reading is fading, slowly but steadily. Or is it happening otherwise?. Now Internet has come to my bay, novels and stories hardly interest me. I am more interested to Internet. You may call me netizen either.

The first novel  I read was The Wizard of Oz when i was in class five. And the recent is Omerta', a novel by Mario Puzzo. I begun reading this novel some months back and still struggling to get to the end. But I read online news, articles and above all some blogs. Still, I feel, I have read more when I was not introduced to the Internet.

Now, what about my writing?. Comparatively, writing habit must have been better. I am more than encouraged to see more people reading my articles, however senseless my articles may be. When I first created my blog, I was the only follower. As time passes, I get more followers. I usually check whether somebody viewed my blog; and it shows me the direction that i write more. This is really encouraging me. The readers keep me going and they let continue my interest for writing. The only thing is that my articles need to be more interesting-I know that. This can only happen if i read more and i must read more.

I thank each of my readers for inspiring me. Thank you readers- you keep me going.


  1. Thank You Au Kuenzang-I love to write more.

  2. Keep going.....your writing makes our time.....so always keep on writing dude....it will also make your time...:)