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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

The mere act in the name of service

(Testimony for the small act of service)

A cab dropped us near the college entrance. A board near the gate welcomed us with " WELCOME TO SHERUBTSE COLLEGE". It was when I (and my friends) first joined the college.That evening, we would have been puzzled if a group of senior students had not come to guide and help us reach our luggage to our respective rooms; it in deed was a great help unexpected. And latter, understood that those were SSU (Social Service Unit) members of the college waiting just to guide in case freshers like us needed.

I joined the club soon. I simply liked its motto: "Love through service". Despite my inability to contribute so much to the society, never regretted at any point for having joined the club. Today, remembering those college days, it gives me a feeling of satisfaction. I did something, however small, insignificant it may be. Of all those small things, I feel lucky that I had an opportunity to teach a class of monks of Thupten Choekhorling Shedra when I was still a student; taught them basics of English language, three hours (only in evening) a week. I was pursuing my final year of BA(H) English Literature course in 2008, then.

Teaching to those respectable monks had been interesting, very interesting; some of them were as young as ten while some in late twenties, older than the teacher himself. It was more of learning  than teaching: I learned more than what I taught. A little contribution it may be, but whenever good things happen to me, I sincerely believe that it is because of their prayers. I remember their prayer and good wishes : " Sir, we really want to thank you for your kind teaching. we really do from our hearts. we will pray for success in your life."

And I have a strong conviction that I did it all from my heart sincerely-a drop of water in the ocean. It shall remain as long as the ocean exists.

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