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Saturday, 5 March 2011

The Buddha answers the kid

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"A kid asked Buddha...what is the meaning of life? Buddha replied,"the meaning of life is to be happy and give and teach to others ." and he taught him about Buddhism and helped him attain enlightenment. If you believe in Buddha,you will send this to 15 people on your list. If you delete this, you will... have a cold heart in 2011. Send this to 15 people in your list within 30min after u read this and something good will happen to you NOW. This is not a fake...apparently...copy and paste this to 15 people in the next 10mins(excluding me) and you WILL have the best day of your life tomorrow.."

This is the message i received from one of my facebook friends. That was a surprise for me;  actually expected "Hi" instead. But after some seconds, i realised that it was a signal to remind me that I lacked sincere devotion to my religion. The message came at right time though.

The moment i read the message, it made me recapture some scenes from a movie LITTLE BUDDHA. Remembered a man leaving behind the coveted palace, kingdom, even his beloved wife and son and luxuries all together. But the fact is, it really happened more than 2500 years before just to find the answer to the kid's (kid represents all ignorant beings) question: what is the meaning of life?. The Buddha recommended to comprehend The Four Noble Truths and follow The Noble Eightfold paths. This is Buddhism.

I believe in Buddhism, but never believed in the notion that we would be cursed if we never followed Buddh, because Buddha did not say " if you do not follow my religion, i will punish you"; he always said, " Don't take what I am saying for granted but try to analyse it as much as possible to see whether what i am saying makes sense or not."

Although, did not bother in the bad luck i would have if not forwarded the message to fifteen other people or would be rewarded if i did, tried my level best at least to reach the message to my friends anyway. And there were many responses: funny, aggressive, excuses. Loved them all.

note: I am a Buddhist but I know little about Buddhism. However ignorant i may be, Buddha always encourages me.

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