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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

The story of Snow White

I got this piece of paper while i was trying to read a newspaper which had been dumped in a garbage; i was curious to read the paper because its colourful cover-page was fluttering in a slow wind-But i was not scavenging anyway!!!

And i was more than interested to read this story: the story written by, may be a class-three student. Wow!!! it really interested me. People! Spare just a few seconds and appreciate a-little-talent she has!!!

(Story written by, may be a student of class ii or iii)

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  1. Mastong na...!!! sometime u try to be no less than VULTURES....ha ha. You have gained a lot from scavenging...i still have some chunks of Kuensel pages 'Literary' part i borrowed from u.