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Friday, 18 February 2011

Procurement compliance course in Gaeddu college

A five-day Certificate in Procurement Compliance (CPC) course, which began from Monday in Gaeddu College of Business Studies by resource persons from the finance ministry's public procurement policy division (PPPD) has come to an end today.

The course delivered by Peter James, project director of institutional capacity building project for procurement (ICBPP) with the PPPD and Mr. Leki Tshering, Procurement Programme officer to PPPD was based on the Procurement Rules and Regulations, 2009 of the Royal Government of Bhutan. They presented about the principles and objectives of government procurement: the need to get necessary goods, services and works of right quality at the right price, at the the right time and in a fair and transparent manner.

The participants felt that the course was designed in a way that would inevitably make them aware of and understand the growing importance of public procurement especially when the country is loosing huge amount of the budget while procuring goods and services owing to the lack of professional procurement personnel and stakeholders not complying with procurement rules and regulations. In the 9th FYP alone, 45 percent of the total budget kept for the procurement was found wasted according to Anti-corruption commission's finding.
The good procurement process is necessary in a country like Bhutan which depends on other donor countries for funds.

And such courses will be even more relevant to the business students who will become stakeholders to the procurement agency some day. The same procurement compliance course was delivered to the faculty of the College of Science and Technology last January. And there is a plan that this CPC will be institutionalised at Royal Institute of Management soon. It was launched in May 2010.

All the final year students and national faculty of the college took part in this short course. They will be awarded the certificate.

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