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Thursday, 17 February 2011

I did not want to become an Army Officer

(ambition of a class PP student)
When I was young, young as a primary student, I always wanted to become a professional driver (Truck driver). I would simply feel the charm of those truckers who ferried gypsum from Pemagatshel to Samdrup Jongkhar then. Those were the days I would complain of having to go to the school. Now, more than a decade after, I still remember my friends who would say: " If you can become a truck driver, I will never ask for a lift"; and that was the deal.

 One night (last winter vacation),while I was narrating a bed-time stories to my six-year old nephew, he suddenly asked me " Ahang nga lu Tropdha chi ngo nag wai-could you buy a playing gun for me please?. I asked "what for?" pretending not understanding his intention. But I was amazed, really surprised to hear: " Nga Shuma Magmi Dasho Beni- I want to become an Army Officer when i grow up." And that was the moment I began to compare and contrast with him; I could only imagine the contrasting world of ours than having the similarities ( came out of the same bloodline).

At his age, I was totally unaware of these: "Tom and Jerry"," Mr. Bean", Takeshis's castle", oh!, the list is really very long. I and my friends played mud, created torma (sculptor), pretended to conduct rituals; and we often used to play hide-and-seek in bushes. But my nephew (and children of his age) have many hobbies: playing with toys, drawing with sketch pens,playing video games and many more that i did not have. It is not even a generation between us, but things seem to change so fast.

Oh! Yes! I see enough reasons in his AMBITION-I salute him, my dearest nephew!


  1. I didn't want to become an Army officer either...ha ha ha.
    Nice read. I am a new comer on your blog and found it is so nice. Hope to see more posts each passing day.
    Keep connected!

  2. Thank you Passu. Will try to improve each passing day and hope i would become a writer like Jurmi(I am Drukpa), Penstar, Aurora and like yourself one fine day.

  3. nice one,...enjoyed reading.,,,it....our childhood ambition have always been fanciful and of course beautiful if we think today of those who we imagined ourselves to be when we grow up..:)

  4. Thank you Sogyel. I agree with you-It is indeed interesting to walk down the memory lane:what we thought of becoming, what we did as a child and how we were.

  5. Nicely written....ha ha still u can aim for the post yea.Fact is,young Gypsum truckers pay no heed to us...one last winter, i spent almost 4 hrs at the Tshelingor junction...!
    And u forgot to add another hobby...playing and learning how to buid traps....