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Friday, 11 February 2011

Did Khegpas really exist?

Sometime back, not so long, we have been hit by the rumours of "Khegpa", and our rural folks were especially a hardest-hit chunk. Then there was a Public notification (from Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs)through the home radio and television channels assuring that there were no dangerous thugs; the ministry warned if someone was found exaggerating the situation, he/she would be punishable. Somehow, then things have settled, but a case or two on the "missing person" was notified again.

And now, it is a little clue to me that Khegpa really did not exist; I am surprised to know that there are cases where Bhutanese are "kidnapped" not to be buried alive at the construction sites of Hydro-power projects. The crime branch of the Jammu and Kashmir Police recovered a "kidnapped and sold" Bhutanese boy last Thursday in Srinagar. It was said that the search began after the parents had complained to the Indian external affairs ministry that their son had been kidnapped (and sold) to a local in Srinagar. But the good news is that the boy will be handed over to his parents through "diplomatic channels". This may be their luck but what would happen if such incidences go unnoticed?

According to the statement given by the crime branch, it seems to us that some young girls and boys (of neighbouring countries Nepal and Bhutan) are hired (by this valley, Srinagar) for employing them in domestic and other business related activities. Is this trend good for Bhutan, if at all the situation is true?. At this point, I realise that I was totally wrong-I thought it was actually some of the Bhutanese who hire some young girls for baby sitting from the neighbouring towns of India which is stopping with new regulations now. It only seems otherwise to me now.

It may be good to see Bhutanese working in any part of the world provided they follow diplomatic procedures. This will only lead to the mutual benefits and security ( both to countries and individuals).

Note: This article is written based on the news article "Sold" Bhutanese boy recovered in Kashmir . And there is little chance that we can follow the link to read this article since the news is updated hourly.

The following is one of the news articles regarding the kidnapped boy retrieved from http://www.newkerala.com/news/world/fullnews-145075.html

Bhutan's kidnapped boy found in Kashmir

Bhutan's kidnapped boy found in Kashmir
India Blooms News Service

Srinagar, Feb 11 (IBNS) A Bhutanese boy, who had been rescued after being kidnapped and sold to a Kashmiri man, will be repatriated soon, according to Jammu and Kashmir Police.

J&K's crime branch has taken the custody of Sonum, who was rescued from Mohammad Iqbal Zahgeer.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Govt of India, had informed the J & K authorities about the Bhutanese missing boy after his parents lodged a report with the Indian Government that their son had been kidnapped and sold to a man in Srinagar.

The J&K police swung into action after an Interpol notice that the boy was kidnapped by a man in West Bengal and sold in Kashmir.

The Crime Branch in a quick action action and recovered the boy from the premises of Mohammad Iqbal Zahgeer at Gosiya Colony Khanyar, Srinagar. Zahgeer claimed that he hired the boy from an agent, identified as Konul Bashikarma of West Bengal.

The J&K police said the boy shall be handed over to his parents through the diplomatic channels. However, it is unclear when the boy was kidnapped and sold.

The people of valley over the last few years have developed a tendency of hiring young foreign boys and girls particularly from Nepal and Bhutan and then employing them in domestic and other business related activities with out actually knowing their backgrounds.

"This is dangerous trend and many people will land in unnecessary trouble," the police said. Many foreign youngsters are kidnapped from their respective places and subsequently pushed into the Valley by Human traffickers against monetary considerations.

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  1. I read this long ago....it shows u updates every information. Well,"khapas" do exist!, some khagpas roam at night while others prefer to try their luck during the rush hours....and some khagpas steal oranges, chilies and even cocks...ha ha. Whatsoever, i think our home mistry sud recruit "khagpa Hunters".