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Monday, 7 February 2011

And thus the year hasbegun

I woke up to the tune of my alarm; almost seven and cold-it was Sunday morning, 1 January, 2011. Opened my cell-phone, saw dozen of new text messages (in the inbox) all wishing me good luck.
 I began the day with lighting a butter lamp; after daily-water-offering chore, Standing in front of statues (kept inside alter), palms together attached to my chest like a real worshiper, eyes closed, I bade farewell to the year that had been significant in many ways; I was grateful for the success I had had and the milestone I had ever achieved and thus my prayer: - may all good things happen to us all once again, more good things this year. May each passing day bring peace to every heart and prosperity to every family; let success overcome our failures, innovation rule indolence, awareness win over ignorance… wishes continued.

And then I fetched a book (the one I bought a day before from DSB enterprise, Thimphu)   WHAT MAKES YOU not A BUDDHIST by Dzongsar Jamyang Khentse-I began reading; I began my new year.

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