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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Let us read our mentality

Just have to be a little critical and you will read our mentality
Lets read together now.
Where do you see such scene, usually?
1.Private homes   2. Public toilet

pour some water on me!
What does this picture depict?
  • Beautiful toilet (its a well furnished)
  • yellowish urine (I drink little water  )
  • I-don't-care attitude (because it belongs to all)
  • I-am-busy (don't have time to flush)

Please Flush it!!!
 On the right side is the notice given on the wall of one of the common toilets. I found it interesting and i really like it. So,
What would you say?
  • Don't need to be reminded (I always Flush irrespective of public or private toilet)
  • Thank you ( for reminding me, will never repeat)
  • It doesn't make sense (I don't bother)
And analyse to which extent you were/are RESPONSIBLE and whether you had/have the sense of BELONGINGNESS!!!

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