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Monday, 15 November 2010

Thank you teachers-We respect you!

Here i am after sixteen years of schooling. And this is the time i feel indebted to all my teachers who made me what i am today. 

From the moment we are enrolled to a school, we are actually introduced to varieties of talented, kind and hardworking teachers. This is where our education starts, the very first step towards learning how to stand on our own. And thus, teachers guide us till we finally stand. KUDOS TO ALL TEACHERS FOR THE SELFLESS SERVICE!!! 

Teachers, you are simply great. You may be condemned of the quality of education; you may be accused (by parents of students) for being too responsible to develop their children; you may be barred from joining other profession-they need your sacrifice; and you may be jeered and insulted by your own students because, "if you do good, people will accuse you of selfish ulterior motives". But you continue doing good anyway!!! 
And the same student(s) who insulted you, the society who blamed you, the parents who complained you, will come to you, some time after. This will be the time, they respect and appreciate your out of their hearts for your benevolent services. You may not know it;the sacrifices you made will come to you anyway. 

I may not be very helpful to the teachers who taught me. But I always believe in their contribution and influence in my life; I have faith, respect and gratitude to all the teachers for making a difference in my life.
Mr.Vijayan Nair, Mr. Somarajan and Mr. David Joseph were three of the teachers who taught me during my high school. They influenced my life; I still feel the effect of their encouragement and guidance although they may be too far now. I reproduce the words of my teachers whom i could correspond after more than four years since we never met.
Between You and Vijayan Nair
Vijayan Nair September 26 at 12:19am Report
Karma my dear...
A few years back there was a teacher in Nangkor HSS teaching English .I am the one.How are you my dear...Where r u now?
Karma Yedzer September 26 at 12:43am
Hello sir, thank you so much for writing to me. i am very happy to see you here. I tried many times to find you and sir Somarajan in this social network website(face book) but i could not find then.

I am working as an assistant teacher in Gaeddu College of Business Studies. After having done common examination (RCSCE), i was posted here. Thank you so much for making me stand on my own feet; i still respect you-KADRINCHELA.

Between You and Vijayan Nair
Vijayan Nair September 26 at 10:41am Report
It's indeed a great pleasure for all of your teachers to hear such a great news. My heartiest congratulations!!!
Do u remember our trip together to Gamung?
Those were the beautiful years.How is Gedu?Some of my kids have come this year to Gedu.Convey my regards.Any news from Tshewng Dendup?
Have a great weekend my dear,,,, Really ..I am proud of you.
Karma Yedzer September 26 at 2:41pm
Thank you sir;
i still remember all those days- those were the beautiful days and moments i cherish in my life.
Tshewang Dendup is at Sherubtse college as an asst. Lecturer;we both joined teaching.
yes there are some students here who studied in Nangkor last year- will convey regards to them as well.
hope to see you soon la.
from your former teacher of Nangkor Mr. Davis
Between You and Davis Joseph
Davis Joseph November 14 at 9:59pm Report
You are grown up from the time I have seen you.
Now I am working in Maldives.
good to have a contact after long time
bye. take care
Karma Yedzer November 14 at 10:31pm
Dear sir,
Thank you so much for making us stand on our own feet. we really value your contribution towards our development. We respect you sir.
i am happy that we could meet here.
we miss our teachers.



  1. Hey Yedzer, thats indeed wonderful conversations with our former teachers! I respect them no less. They did make us "stand on our own feet"!

    BTW, are they in the facebook?

  2. Yes Pemaa, they are on fb. You may reach them by following the link from the article.