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Saturday, 16 October 2010

Global Hand Washing Day!!!

                                       (image: from Google)

Did you know 15 October is observed as 'Global Hand Washing Day'?. I knew world observes the day; i remember Bhutan celebrating this occasion  last year but i could not consider the exact day unless i saw similar celebration in the evening news today.

Bhutan observed the day last year with the theme-" your health lies in your hands." Fifteen schools within the capital gathered together at Jigme Namgyal Lower Secondary school to participate deliver the messages on hand washing; the day was also observed at schools of other dzongkhags. This day has been also celebrated this year.

Global Hand Washing day was observed for the first time in 15 October 2008 in accordance with the year as "International year of sanitation." This date was appointed by UN General Assembly to motivate and mobilise millions around the world to wash their hands with soap as a key approach to disease prevention. The theme of the day is aimed especially on the school children of more than 70 countries distributed around five continents.



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