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Monday, 25 October 2010

Gaeddu college organises fete day

(Chief Guest opening the fete day)

24 October 2010 (Sunday): Gaeddu College of Business Studies organised college fete day after two years of its foundation in 2008. This was first of its kind.

There were more than 25 stalls attracting thousands of people from in and around the premise including from places like Chukha and Phuentsholing. The game-stalls ranged from "Wheel of fortune" to"Tambola," while the eateries included various items ranging from juices,ice creams,momos, Bhutanese dishes to Indian dishes like Chicken Biriani.

Besides those stalls, "Music booth" played important role in making the day interesting and lively; any one could dedicate their good-wishes through songs and music to their loved ones and friends.

The participants were required to buy the coupons(voucher) from any of the entries (entries which sold coupons) to avail and take part in the fete and try their luck in various stalls; even eateries could be availed only through coupons.There were four different-type-coupons with different worth of Nu 5, 10, 20& 50. The transaction was done through those coupons.
(coupons used instead of cash)

The day was opened by Laptshakha Lama, Senior Administrative Officer (THPA) and the College Director.

note: List of stalls available during fete day-1. Kick off the football 2.Eggs in the basket 3.Fishing the bottle(not beer bottle) 4. Kill the rat 5.Catch your fortune 6. Wheel of fortune 7. Dart 8.Dice race 9.Music booth 10.Eagle beak 11. Tambola 12. Draw tail for the elephant 13. Break the great wall 14. Hit the target 15. Lucky pick & jigsaw puzzle 16. Light the candle 17. Hit the coconut 18.Druk res-truant 19. Chicken biriani 20. Momo and tea stall 21. Creative stall 22. Ice cream & juice corner 23. Channa chat 24.Discover treasure 25. Jalibi corner 26. Magic Jorden stall & 27. Estimate marbles in the jar.

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