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Thursday, 21 October 2010

The message from my heart

(image from facebook profile)

Do you know where went wrong? It still remains as unsolved doubt to me. Sometimes I blame you, sometimes I blame myself; and I surrender to our fate gradually.

When I first saw you, I did not realise we would be a good friend. And only when we were such a good friend, I started to admire the qualities in you. You never knew your secret admirer observing every move you made, untill I managed to sum up all my guts. Do you remember me saying " I have a feeling for you "  with faltering voice on that moonlit evening?. It was not without fear of losing our friendship; I was in love with you.

I regret that iIcould not fulfill my dream-I had a dream to be with you forever(at least for this life).Where went wrong?. But Just before we knew the answer, you found another road to follow leaving me on the cross-road. That was fine.


note: Written for the sake of writing. it does not reflect truth.


  1. Thats very sad bro., but hope you will find true companion sooner or later!

  2. HAHA,,,,i Just wrote for the sake of writing. It does not mean it...any way, thanks bro for your prayer.