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Thursday, 2 September 2010

For a cause, they dissociate

When 55 gang members pledged to dissociate from gangs and gang violence last week,it became a welcomed news. Their pledge was appreciated. it gave hope to our parents,leaders and all concerned citizens alike;it was above all a big hope the country can ever have. Kudos to those who found new path (and ready to lead who are following them) to meaningful life! KUDOS!!!

we welcome them as ambassadors to our youths. They would convey the message better to our youths that forming gangs (and involving in malicious acts) is bad ;they know and they understand better, we trust them.They will be an asset to our nation.

we also respect Royal Bhutan Police (RBP) and other stakeholders for the initiatives they have taken (and they are taking) for disbanding gangs, correcting our youths who have gone astray, and discouraging school children from joining any gang.Kudos to them as well!

note: Please help me correct my mistakes (if there is/are)since this text is not proof read.

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