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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Accept people as they are

And yet again,the following is sensational but interesting story from my personal diary (2007). I don't remember exactly, the source from where i copied, but it definitely has profound meaning in it; special credit goes to the actual writer. I reproduce here with hope that anyone who read this could remember it at least at one point of their lives. Here it goes:

A soldier who was finally coming home after having fought in Vietnam called his parents from San Fransisco:

"Mom and Dad, I am coming home, but i have a favour to ask, I have a friend i would like to bring home with me."
"Sure," they replied, "we would love to meet meet him."
The son continued, "he was hurt pretty badly in the fighting. He stepped on a landmine and lost an arm and a leg. He has nowhere else to go, and i want him to come and live with us."

"I am sorry to hear that, son. May be we can help him find somewhere to live."
"No, mom and dad, I want him to live with us."

"Son," said the father, "you don't know what you are asking. Someone with such a handicap would be a terrible burden on us. We have our own lives to live, and we cannot let something like this interfere with our lives. I think you should just come home and forget about this guy. He will find a way to live on his own."

At that point, the son hung up the phone. The parents heard nothing more from him then; their son had died after falling from a building;it was SUICIDE. The parents went to San Fransisco and saw that their son had only one arm and one leg.

This story (perhaps it was fact) has underlying truth. Even if you and i were his parents, we might have replied from the similar angle; may be we might not have said rudely (it differs) but our point would have been still the same-"such a handicap would be terrible burden". While it would be natural to put blame(by society) on parents,in this case, for acting unkindly, it could be other-way round to be more appropriate.

Somewhere, deep down, unconsciously we have a fear of societal retribution. Lets take the fact-why AIDS patients do not want to let other know of their disease? or why it(fact) is kept confidential? The reason is clear: they fear from public criticism. Lets imagine one patient confessing the truth and the very outcome we could easily foresee is that he/she losses friends, family and may be anything the so called normal people will have. Yes! there is a reason why they do not confess; and we don't have enough reason to blame them. It must be we as society that should change. Our mindset needs to create space for those who are infected with diseases, are handicap, aged or so.

And it is quite encouraging to see today that these groups of minorities are being taken care of (or at least starting to put effort to make their lives worth living). We can see the effort world wide to enhance the opportunity of disabled in case of education, employment etc; aged/elderly are being taken care of; equal opportunities for men or women.Only thing the peaceful-world would need is no fear of OSTRACISM.

Monday, 13 December 2010

The inauspicious day meets nine evils

The seventhth day of the eleventh month of Bhutanese calender is always considered as the "Ngyenpa Gu Zom" meaning meeting of nine evils. And this year the nine evils met on 12 December, Sunday.

This was the day when a brother met his sister. The legend has it that there was a couple*, Pha Dorji Lhokthreng and Ma Sasin Barma whom they had a son and four daughters. Those children decided to take a journey around Ri Gyalpo Rirab mountain,the highest mountain ridge. But they got separated on the way.

And the seventh day of the 11th month was the day when Rahula** met Drogsing*** where thay had an affair just to realize latter that they were indeed the siblings (from the same parents) and discovered their incestuous relationship. Thus nine evils were born and the story continues.

(Various items prepared for the inauspicious day, 2010)
We consider this day as the most inauspicious, meaning there will be no merit in any good deed we may do; but there will be multiplied negative karma if one should involve in bad deeds and belief has it that any important activity undertaken would be unsuccessful, and not supposed to venture outdoors, take long journey or begin a new plan. This must be the reason why people (who believe) celebrate with feasting and playing games like archery and khuru (dart game) on the day. And this is celebrated especially by people of central and eastern part of the country.

The day was granted Public holiday till 2007.

*the demon couple
** the eldest son
*** eldest of the sisters
note: the given image portrays various dishes (the drinks were not shown) prepared for the Ngenpa Gu zom day, 2010 in Gedu. Items included: rice, pork, beef, chicken, kewadatshi(1),mushroom curry,ezzay(2),emadatsi(3) and many other.We went for a dry picnic with those dishes; we enjoyed and had a Khuru match after the feast just to let the inauspicious day meet the nine evils; we did not do any significant work or what we did was all insignificant.
(1) kewadatshi-Bhutanese curry made up of cheese and potatoes as main ingredients
(2) Ezzay-kind of pickle, made of chillies cut into pieces and mixed with other ingredients like onion, cheese; and it is not cooked like curries
(3) Emadatshi-curry made of green chillies and cheese as important ingredients


Thursday, 9 December 2010

Taking freedom out of the box

I have a special container; it contains many important messages: important lines from famous books, quotes of many important figures and many more. I am supposed to pick any of these messages (which are contained in rolled papers) every morning and analyse it. This is my rule which most of the time goes unheeded.

I opened the container, picked from it like a lucky dip (during fete days) and there it was: "Do not be concerned with the judgement of others as long as you know what you are doing is right. You can do what ever you want to do as long as it is correct according to your heart". This is an excerpt from the best-selling The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari* by Robin Sharma.

I glimpsed the lines and thus came to my mind the "Freedom of choice". To put it simply,we have every right to choose and act what we think as long as we have a rationale, a rationale that defines the correctness of our thought. It also, thus, means we are responsible for what we do. If a person kills another man, does the murderer exercise his freedom of choice? It certainly would mean otherwise(most probably) because the action supersedes the freedom of the deceased. But if we go by Eliot's view of " So far as we are human, what we do must be either evil or good; so far as we do evil or good, we are human; and it is better, in a paradoxical way, to do evil than to do nothing: at least, we exist", it may sound okay. This has got two extremes: either we should do evil or good but lets draw the line here: if we are right, lets never fear-Lets do it!

(from google)
As a child, i always feared thinking if anything i did wrong, i would be rebutted. Then, identifying right and wrong was very difficult; taking decision was never black-and-white issue. I still fear but not to the degree i had been. I can now understand how important it is to exercise our own freedom;it is not always wise to consider "what would they think about me", "what will they say about me" when we have our own inner instinct. I pray that each passing day would be confidence-gaining-day to insert my freedom of choice whatever. One fine day, i will conquer my dream; and  dichotomy between my head nad my heart will never exist.

*the given link will connect you to a review on the book and the quote i mentioned in my writing is not from the review; it is an excerpt from the actual book.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Let us read our mentality

Just have to be a little critical and you will read our mentality
Lets read together now.
Where do you see such scene, usually?
1.Private homes   2. Public toilet

pour some water on me!
What does this picture depict?
  • Beautiful toilet (its a well furnished)
  • yellowish urine (I drink little water  )
  • I-don't-care attitude (because it belongs to all)
  • I-am-busy (don't have time to flush)

Please Flush it!!!
 On the right side is the notice given on the wall of one of the common toilets. I found it interesting and i really like it. So,
What would you say?
  • Don't need to be reminded (I always Flush irrespective of public or private toilet)
  • Thank you ( for reminding me, will never repeat)
  • It doesn't make sense (I don't bother)
And analyse to which extent you were/are RESPONSIBLE and whether you had/have the sense of BELONGINGNESS!!!

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Love them any way!

While i was reminiscing my past incidences (from the diary i have but not read since the day it was closed), i found the following article in it.

I was not aware even,that whether i copied (i only remember now it was from one of the magazines-the date says the article was copied on 8 Sept, 2008), but it made me feel so good to read again. I share you here; it is the words of wisdom from Mother TERESA. Hope you enjoy this.
I dedicate this message to all souls who had minds like her and to the whole world who seeks peace.

(Mother Teresa from google)
                          -Mother Teresa

People are unreasonable,
illogical and self-centered.
             Love them any way!

If you do good, people will
accuse you of selfish ulterior motives.
            Do good any way!

If you are successful, you will win 
false friends and true enemies.
           Succeed any way!

The good you do today will be
forgotten tomorrow.
          Do good any way!

Honesty and frankness make
you face harmfulness.
         Be honest any way!

What you spend years building
may be destroyed overnight.
        Build any way!

Monday, 15 November 2010

Thank you teachers-We respect you!

Here i am after sixteen years of schooling. And this is the time i feel indebted to all my teachers who made me what i am today. 

From the moment we are enrolled to a school, we are actually introduced to varieties of talented, kind and hardworking teachers. This is where our education starts, the very first step towards learning how to stand on our own. And thus, teachers guide us till we finally stand. KUDOS TO ALL TEACHERS FOR THE SELFLESS SERVICE!!! 

Teachers, you are simply great. You may be condemned of the quality of education; you may be accused (by parents of students) for being too responsible to develop their children; you may be barred from joining other profession-they need your sacrifice; and you may be jeered and insulted by your own students because, "if you do good, people will accuse you of selfish ulterior motives". But you continue doing good anyway!!! 
And the same student(s) who insulted you, the society who blamed you, the parents who complained you, will come to you, some time after. This will be the time, they respect and appreciate your out of their hearts for your benevolent services. You may not know it;the sacrifices you made will come to you anyway. 

I may not be very helpful to the teachers who taught me. But I always believe in their contribution and influence in my life; I have faith, respect and gratitude to all the teachers for making a difference in my life.
Mr.Vijayan Nair, Mr. Somarajan and Mr. David Joseph were three of the teachers who taught me during my high school. They influenced my life; I still feel the effect of their encouragement and guidance although they may be too far now. I reproduce the words of my teachers whom i could correspond after more than four years since we never met.
Between You and Vijayan Nair
Vijayan Nair September 26 at 12:19am Report
Karma my dear...
A few years back there was a teacher in Nangkor HSS teaching English .I am the one.How are you my dear...Where r u now?
Karma Yedzer September 26 at 12:43am
Hello sir, thank you so much for writing to me. i am very happy to see you here. I tried many times to find you and sir Somarajan in this social network website(face book) but i could not find then.

I am working as an assistant teacher in Gaeddu College of Business Studies. After having done common examination (RCSCE), i was posted here. Thank you so much for making me stand on my own feet; i still respect you-KADRINCHELA.

Between You and Vijayan Nair
Vijayan Nair September 26 at 10:41am Report
It's indeed a great pleasure for all of your teachers to hear such a great news. My heartiest congratulations!!!
Do u remember our trip together to Gamung?
Those were the beautiful years.How is Gedu?Some of my kids have come this year to Gedu.Convey my regards.Any news from Tshewng Dendup?
Have a great weekend my dear,,,, Really ..I am proud of you.
Karma Yedzer September 26 at 2:41pm
Thank you sir;
i still remember all those days- those were the beautiful days and moments i cherish in my life.
Tshewang Dendup is at Sherubtse college as an asst. Lecturer;we both joined teaching.
yes there are some students here who studied in Nangkor last year- will convey regards to them as well.
hope to see you soon la.
from your former teacher of Nangkor Mr. Davis
Between You and Davis Joseph
Davis Joseph November 14 at 9:59pm Report
You are grown up from the time I have seen you.
Now I am working in Maldives.
good to have a contact after long time
bye. take care
Karma Yedzer November 14 at 10:31pm
Dear sir,
Thank you so much for making us stand on our own feet. we really value your contribution towards our development. We respect you sir.
i am happy that we could meet here.
we miss our teachers.


Saturday, 13 November 2010

The blood pressure concern

I got my blood-pressure reading; i was bit worried.

(wrist digital blood-pressure-monitor)
My blood-pressure was 114/72 (mm Hg). I felt that it would translate into low-blood-pressure, because i remembered someone saying normal pressure would read 120/80. So, my concern was, i might be a low pressure victim even if i did not feel any symptom of low blood pressure then.

Thus, i started browsing through internet, searching information on blood pressure and found that i didn't have any reason to worry about. I realised that my pressure was in fact normal. RELIEVED!!!

The following chart shows blood pressure categories defined by the American Heart Association.

Blood Pressure
mm Hg (upper #)

mm Hg (lower #)


Less than 120

Less than 80

High Blood Pressure
(Hypertension) Stage 1



High Blood Pressure
(Hypertension) Stage 2

160 or higher


100 or higher
Hypertensive Crisis
(Emergency care needed)

Higher than 180


Higher than 110
                             (chart showing blood pressure category)

Blood pressure is recorded as two numbers and written in ratio. E.g: 114/72 mm Hg, read as " 114 over 72 millimetres of mercury".

Systolic:The top number (which is the higher of the two numbers) "measures the pressure in the arteries when the heart beats (when the heart muscle contracts)".
Diastolic:The bottom number (which is also the lower of the two numbers), "measures the pressure in the arteries between heartbeats (when the heart muscle is resting between beats and refilling with blood)".

According to American Heart Association,there is no specific number at which blood pressure is considered too low, as long as no symptoms of trouble are present; and the lower pressure reading is better within certain limits it says.Optimal blood pressure is less than 120/80 mm Hg.

It is said that low blood pressure is dangerous only if it causes signs and symptoms of:   
  • Dizziness or lightheadedness 
  • Fainting (called syncope)
  •  Dehydration and unusual thirst
  • Lack of concentration
  • Blurred vision
  • Nausea
  • Cold, clammy, pale skin
  • Rapid, shallow breathing
  • Fatigue 
  • Depression
note: I got the reading from private home-use digital-blood-pressure-monitor.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Meanings behind the names

I come from one of the eastern parts of the country. Whenever somebody asked me where i was from, i said Pemagatshel.

But i would have been completely unresponsive if those people had asked me what laid behind where i hail from; I might not have been able to explain them the myth,history and legend about the dzonkhag i belong. Now i know atleast a little about Dungsam Pemagatshel,meaning behind the name associated with it.

The present Samdrup Jongkhar and Pemagatshel districts were popularly known by the common name Dungsam. One of the two oral sources explains that the word 'Dungsam' came from the three conch-shape hills surrounding Pemagatshel(present name); It is said that there are three hills(out of many) that resemble conch. Dungkar/dung in Sharchop dialect means conch and Sam would mean three. Thus, dungsam refers three-conch-shape-hills.

The second source has it that there was a lake, called 'Dungtsho Karmathang' on a hill above the present day Khar(in Pemagatshel) known to have revealed a ter (a sacred hidden treasure) from it by Tertoen Pema Lingpa(1450-1521) . The ancestors who settled there(after the lake dried) came to be known as Dungtshogpa, the people of Dungtsho. Latter Dungthogpa was corrupted into Dungsapa and finally became Dungsampa which in turn was the corruption of Dungsapa.  

Specifically present Pemagatshel was known as Dungsam Khoidung(village of Cuckoos) while present Samdrup Jongkhar was known by the name Dungsam Khotri untill 1970.  Again Khoidung became Khidung; and the place was known by this name untill it became Pemagatshel. 

Thus, in 1969, when Lam Sonam Zangpo(who resided in Yongla goenpa) Invited His Holiness Chabje Dudjom Rimpoche to bless and give discourse on "Rinchen Torzoe Wangling" to the people of the place, got its name PEMAGATSHEL, meaning "blissful land of lotus". 

note: the above given map must have changed due to some alterations.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

On Bhutanese film industry

Bhutanese film industry is growing but not without limitations.
(from www.bhutanobserver.bt)
With the institution of Motion Pictures Association of Bhutan(MPAB) In1999, the Bhutanese audio-visual industry has come long way now. In his article on Bhutanese films,Tshering (2010) found "there were 102 film and music producers and other artists registered with MPAB" as of 2009.

But producers say, taking into account the rising cost of production, there is little room for the profit.

Some decades ago, when there were no television and Internet services in the country, the films and movies were only public entertainment; JIGDREL of Norling Production became blockbuster in 1998. The first BHutanese film was GASA LAMAI SINGYE produced by Ugetsu Communications in 1989. 

In 1999, Bhutan was introduced to television and Internet facilities. Thus came with it the influences of Bollywood and Hollywood. There was a time when people(of Bhutan) where satisfied with the qualities of entertainment that the producers(local producers) produced, meaning the cost of production was comparatively low but now the film production houses invest huge amount in procuring equipments and producing standard movie to market their products(=movies). Today, "average Bhutanese feature film costs around Nu 1.5 million to produce."(ibid).

The filmmakers say that "the loans should be made available for producing films, building more movie theatres and tax exemption on film making equipments."(BBS, 2009). Another issue expressed by our filmmakers is on the selling of unauthorized(pirated) movies in the border town of neighboring country India.
It came as a big achievement of the industry when the local films could take prime time in Lugar theatre; since February 2005, only Bhutanese films were allowed to screen in the theatre (now none of the theatres in the country screen foreign movies though). But again owing to the increasing number of producers and thus the number of movies, the two theatres (including Trowa threatre) in the capital are never  felt  sufficient.   

The film industry creates employment opportunities for our youth( and of course any age). It also helps contribute to our national exchequer; in 2007, the Entertainment Sector (films & cable TV) was the " 7th highest contributer to the national exchequer." (Wangchuk, n.d, most probably 2008).

Bhutanese film industry has come long way-from story telling to audio-video to acting. And it is still growing but not without limitations.
note: this text was not proof-read.

  1. BBS.(2009).Bhutanese film producers say the film industry is shrinking.Bhutan broadcasting service. Retrieved November 8,2010     from http://www.bhutanmajestictravel.com/news/2008/bhutanese-film-producers-   say-the-film-industry-is-shrinking.html
  2. BBS.(n.d).Bhutanese film industry, a long way to go.Bhutan broadcasting service. Retrieved November 8, 2010, from   http://www.bbs.com.bt/Bhutanese%20film%20industry,%20a%20long%20way%20to%20go.html
  3. Tshering, N.(2010).Film business blue.Bhutanobserver. Retrieved November 8, 2010, from http://www.bhutanobserver.bt/2010/happenings/11/film-business-blues.html
  4. Wangchuk, D. (n.d).BHutanese film industry: National experience. Retrieved November 8, 2010, from   http://www.ipbhutan.gov.bt/ReportsFile/film%20industry_experience_Dorji%20Wangchuk.pdf

Sunday, 31 October 2010

The new trend in the country: Living together before marriage

(image from google)
Living-together with boyfriend or girlfriend is no news. But this is becoming a rising trend in our country;cohabitation is replacing marriage as the first living together experience for young men and women. However, studies found couples who live together before they get married are less likely to stay married. 

This practice of living together seems like a good way to achieve some of the benefits of marriage and avoid the risk of divorce, meaning couples(rather lovers) can find out if their partner has what it takes to be married.Other reason could be they do not have to seek legal permission to dissolve their union. But the fact is, even if they want, the lack of legal documents deprives them of their rights and benefits.

This has generated concerns for the parents. But the irony is, such practice is also accredited to the lack of love and care from their(cohabitants') parents-it may be true, it may not be true. What ever it may be, majority of our society still considers that living together before marriage is morally wrong and unwise preparation for married life-but i am neutral.

I feel this is commonly practiced by college students studying abroad (may be even the students within) and many young men and women who are into jobs(working); it has become more of fashion today and is felt a matter of proud amongst the friends. There is no hard feeling involved here-Just my thought though.

Believe it or not, recent studies have shown that:
1.Those who cohabit before marriage are the least likely to marry each other
2.Those who live together before marriage have higher separation and divorce rates
3.Those who are sexually active before marriage are much more likely to have extramarital  affairs and finally divorce
4.Those who live together have no lasting commitments or responsibilities
5.Those who live together before marriage often lay a foundation of distrust and lack   of respect
Referred from: (http://ezinearticles.com/?Cohabitation-Before-Marriage---Good-or-Bad-Consequences?&id=736344 ) note: I don't conclude that "cohabitation" is bad, morally wrong and unwise; i believe everyone has the right and freedom to choose. It all depends on individual's thought and decision. Unless one is comfortable with this, i personally don't see any wrong involved in it (views differ though).

Monday, 25 October 2010

Gaeddu college organises fete day

(Chief Guest opening the fete day)

24 October 2010 (Sunday): Gaeddu College of Business Studies organised college fete day after two years of its foundation in 2008. This was first of its kind.

There were more than 25 stalls attracting thousands of people from in and around the premise including from places like Chukha and Phuentsholing. The game-stalls ranged from "Wheel of fortune" to"Tambola," while the eateries included various items ranging from juices,ice creams,momos, Bhutanese dishes to Indian dishes like Chicken Biriani.

Besides those stalls, "Music booth" played important role in making the day interesting and lively; any one could dedicate their good-wishes through songs and music to their loved ones and friends.

The participants were required to buy the coupons(voucher) from any of the entries (entries which sold coupons) to avail and take part in the fete and try their luck in various stalls; even eateries could be availed only through coupons.There were four different-type-coupons with different worth of Nu 5, 10, 20& 50. The transaction was done through those coupons.
(coupons used instead of cash)

The day was opened by Laptshakha Lama, Senior Administrative Officer (THPA) and the College Director.

note: List of stalls available during fete day-1. Kick off the football 2.Eggs in the basket 3.Fishing the bottle(not beer bottle) 4. Kill the rat 5.Catch your fortune 6. Wheel of fortune 7. Dart 8.Dice race 9.Music booth 10.Eagle beak 11. Tambola 12. Draw tail for the elephant 13. Break the great wall 14. Hit the target 15. Lucky pick & jigsaw puzzle 16. Light the candle 17. Hit the coconut 18.Druk res-truant 19. Chicken biriani 20. Momo and tea stall 21. Creative stall 22. Ice cream & juice corner 23. Channa chat 24.Discover treasure 25. Jalibi corner 26. Magic Jorden stall & 27. Estimate marbles in the jar.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

The message from my heart

(image from facebook profile)

Do you know where went wrong? It still remains as unsolved doubt to me. Sometimes I blame you, sometimes I blame myself; and I surrender to our fate gradually.

When I first saw you, I did not realise we would be a good friend. And only when we were such a good friend, I started to admire the qualities in you. You never knew your secret admirer observing every move you made, untill I managed to sum up all my guts. Do you remember me saying " I have a feeling for you "  with faltering voice on that moonlit evening?. It was not without fear of losing our friendship; I was in love with you.

I regret that iIcould not fulfill my dream-I had a dream to be with you forever(at least for this life).Where went wrong?. But Just before we knew the answer, you found another road to follow leaving me on the cross-road. That was fine.


note: Written for the sake of writing. it does not reflect truth.

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Global Hand Washing Day!!!

                                       (image: from Google)

Did you know 15 October is observed as 'Global Hand Washing Day'?. I knew world observes the day; i remember Bhutan celebrating this occasion  last year but i could not consider the exact day unless i saw similar celebration in the evening news today.

Bhutan observed the day last year with the theme-" your health lies in your hands." Fifteen schools within the capital gathered together at Jigme Namgyal Lower Secondary school to participate deliver the messages on hand washing; the day was also observed at schools of other dzongkhags. This day has been also celebrated this year.

Global Hand Washing day was observed for the first time in 15 October 2008 in accordance with the year as "International year of sanitation." This date was appointed by UN General Assembly to motivate and mobilise millions around the world to wash their hands with soap as a key approach to disease prevention. The theme of the day is aimed especially on the school children of more than 70 countries distributed around five continents.


Monday, 4 October 2010

Facebooking: Good or bad?

(image from www.facebook.com)
With its mission “Giving people the power to share and make the world more open and connected”, Facebook(www.facebook.com) is gaining momentum. Since its birth in 2004, currently the facebook has more than 400 million active users.

I joined this social website some months ago; I don't remember exactly what intention I had when I first joined this site, but it has now become part of my correspondence-platform to meet my old friends and get the newer ones. I have nearly 400 friends to whom I can get involved with and socialise. This is interesting website; people across the world with different backgrounds (races, genders, cultures, nations etc) socialise themselves using this website. It has more than 70 translations available.

August 2008: the facebook launched facebook chat; this introduction has helped people to interact more and get close with each-other easily. I use this system and get new ideas each day, and I explore the world through the information I get from it. An average user has 130 friends and sends eight friend requests per month. It was also found that an average user spends 55 minutes per day and writes about 25 comments on the facebook content each month. This is how people interact.

While some people(*1) believe in the good side of this site, some organizations feel otherwise. I went through forums of some newspapers(*2) and came to know how much facebook meant to them. While facebook in general seems to be good medium for introducing each other, some say it hampers official work. Now the issue is whether face book should go out of offices (because it disturbs the official work) or should still be there (because it helps people communicate and provides information).
people do not want facebook to be out of their system; if at all it disturbs the working system, they suggest that the online games like farmvile, bubble games etc must go.

This social website was launced by Mark Zuckerberg & co-founders Dustin Moskovitz, Chris Hughes and Eduardo Saverin from their Harvard dorm room in February 2004.

note:*1-people I refer to is the people of the country I belong.
        *2-newspapers I refer to are the newspapers of the country I belong to.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

For a cause, they dissociate

When 55 gang members pledged to dissociate from gangs and gang violence last week,it became a welcomed news. Their pledge was appreciated. it gave hope to our parents,leaders and all concerned citizens alike;it was above all a big hope the country can ever have. Kudos to those who found new path (and ready to lead who are following them) to meaningful life! KUDOS!!!

we welcome them as ambassadors to our youths. They would convey the message better to our youths that forming gangs (and involving in malicious acts) is bad ;they know and they understand better, we trust them.They will be an asset to our nation.

we also respect Royal Bhutan Police (RBP) and other stakeholders for the initiatives they have taken (and they are taking) for disbanding gangs, correcting our youths who have gone astray, and discouraging school children from joining any gang.Kudos to them as well!

note: Please help me correct my mistakes (if there is/are)since this text is not proof read.

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Origination of Tara, the Saviour

 Tara is one of the significant figures in Buddhism.

(Green Tara from google)
The stories associated with “Tara” (Dolma in Tibetan Buddhism) have always attracted me. I heard others speak of “Dolma Ku” (Statue of Tara) but it took me several years to actually understand a little about the great significance the deity/statue has in Buddhism. The following are some of the stories that tell about origination of the deity in the pantheon of the religion.

According to Taranatha, the great scholar of 16thCentury, Tara was indeed a woman before she became one of the deities. She was a daughter (and princess) of the king of “multicolored Light” kingdom. She was known as Wisdom Moon, deeply devoted to the Drum Sound Buddha, who was preaching the dharma in the kingdom then.

It is said that she became a perfect practitioner and even took bodhisattava vow from the Buddha. Recognizing her potential and her accumulated merit, the monks advised her to pray (wish) for the male rebirth but refused saying she would continue to benefit beings appearing in female form as long as Samsara is not empty. She was said to have attained the supreme level of realization through continuous efforts and helped infinite suffering beings. Thus Wisdom Moon came to be known as “Tara” (Sanskrit) meaning “The Saviour”.

Also it is believed that Tara was emanated from the tear drops of Avalokiteshvara ( Chenrezig). As the embodiment of compassion, Avalokiteshvara worked tirelessly for the suffering beings, yet he found so many beings in the Samsara and he began to cry out of compassion. Thus Tara appeared on the lotus formed by the drops of tear to help Avalokiteshvara in liberating sentient beings.

(White Tara from
Tara is widely known in two forms: white Tara and Green Tara. Green Tara is seen as peaceful and we believe that she saves beings from danger and fear. White Tara is characterized by her seven eyes: three on the face (representing the purity of her body, speech and mind), one each on the palms and one on each sole of the foot (representing four unlimited qualities of bodhisattvas: compassion; loving-kindness; joy; and equanimity).

These days, people worship Tara to gain personal wealth and fame; this is unwholesome. But we can always take refuge in the deity for the welfare of infinite sentient beings...OM TARE TUTARE TURE SWAHA-may all beings find peace and the path leading to eternal peace.